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Celebrate Mom

Yes, this Sunday is Mother’s Day and across the US families will be celebrating mom.  Will it be flowers or lunch for your mom?  Perhaps a new outfit or a gift certificate for a massage.  The ideas are endless of what to give your mom.  However, according to an article in the Huffington Post, the best gift may not be any gift at all.  What you say?  Can this be true?  It appears that after a present made by a child, the next favorite present is simply a day off!

Unlike most jobs, there aren’t paid holidays for moms.  Their days are long and their rest is little.  So if this what mom wants, why not plan an entire day of letting mom do nothing.  She should not have to cook, clean, chauffeur anyone around town or worry about assisting with homework.  She should be able to sleep in, have someone cook for her and go for a quiet walk without having to think about what her next move shall be at home.  Just try it and see what your moms says about a guilt-free day of doing nothing!

To learn more about what mom really wants check out “this link.”  And if you go with the day off idea, we promise to keep it a secret that we helped you!  Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms from Fontis Water!