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Hands Free Georgia

In case you have not heard, Georgia is now a hands free state. This means hands free when it comes to your mobile device, but you can still hold that bottle of Fontis Water!

What’s It All About

What does Hands Free mean to you? “The biggest misconception is that Georgia drivers will not be able to use their phones,” Rep. John Carson explained to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “What the law says is that you physically cannot hold it or support it.” Drivers can no longer cradle or hold a phone or other electronic wireless device behind the wheel, unless making an emergency call. Georgians cannot use more than one button to answer or use a mobile phone. The also cannot reach for one, if doing so means undoing a seat belt or standing up. “Drivers are allowed to use GPS, voice-to-text features, and can make and receive phone calls hands-free. Single-ear headphones and Bluetooth pieces are acceptable aids for this. If a driver doesn’t have a Bluetooth-capable car or device, using an earbud with a mic on it (like the ones that come with most phones) is a good workaround. The bill also still allows for use of in-car navigation, communication and entertainment systems.” Although there have been rumors out there, drivers can stream music through their phone while driving. However, remember you cannot touch your phone to change songs. Also, the new law prohibits drivers from watching videos, so music streaming apps that have video are not allowed. Remember also that headsets and earpieces can only be worn for communication purposes – not for listening to music. So remember to keep those hands off that phone and we really were not kidding about the Fontis Water. It’s completely okay to drink our water and drive. Don’t have our water delivered to your home or office? We can take care of that, just give us a call at 678-494-1981.