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Healthy Employees are Happier Employees

It’s important to stay healthy, right? Eating right and exercising can prolong our life and make us feel better overall. However, did you know the healthier you are the happier an employee you are as well? Manyimage3 companies are recognizing this fact and are making it easier for employees to take a day off. Employees are using these days for doctor’s visit and even to care for a loved one. A great example of this can be found at the Vermont Energy Investment Corp (VEIC), they have created a culture in which its “employees can take a sick day without guilt or fear of termination.” In a recent article the company explained they were founded on the principle that “good employees drive great results. To its founders, that meant fostering a balance between life and work for all of their employees. VEIC employees can count on a number of supports to deal with the health emergencies that are an inevitable part of life.”

Keeping the Balance

A healthy balance of work and personal life can also lead to a healthier employee. Inc.com states the first place to start when it comes to work life balance is by offering employees the chance to work flexible hours. This boosts morale since employees can schedule their work hours around their personal lives. And did you know approximately one-third of workers report high levels of stress? While this can reduce productivity and increase employee turnover, stress is an extremely costly concern for business owners. For example, it’s been found that “healthcare expenditures are nearly 50% greater for workers who report high levels of stress.” Furthermore, “insurance claims for stress related industrial accidents cost nearly twice as much as non-stress related industrial accidents.”

Fontis Water

What else makes a healthy employee? One who eats and drinks right, and Fontis Water can help employers keep their staff healthy. They do this by offering their employees the healthy choice of water. Our water is pure, natural mountain spring water sourced from our family-owned, deep rock spring in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. Surrounded by unspoiled national wilderness, our spring water is protected from contamination by industry or agriculture. To learn more about Fontis Water and how we can help your employees live a healthier life, call us today at 678-494-1981.