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Healthy Employees Start With Great Water Filtration Services and Quality Spring Water In Your Office Water Cooler

Some say an office without a water cooler is like an office without employees, it’s a true necessity. However, what is even more important than the water cooler is the quality of the water found in that cooler! And outstanding water can be made available at your office through a quality spring water cooler or a filtration service from Fontis!

            No matter the size of your company, employee wellness is an important issue. Studies show when an employee is feeling good physically and mentally, they are a more productive employee. And one of the best ways to stay healthy is to drink more water! The need for water can hardly be overstated. Our bodies are composed of approximately 70 percent water and almost every aspect of our body’s function calls for the fluid. Water helps keep our immune system strong, strengthens our muscles, and helps keep us hydrated. With a great water filtration service, your employees can work towards a healthier lifestyle and stay hydrated with the fluid they need the most. Fontis’ water filtration service not only offers you a bottle-less water cooler, but it can even be connected to your coffee brewer, refrigerator or icemaker.

            But maybe your employees really do enjoy hanging out by the office water cooler. We have got you taken care of there, too! From a freestanding hot and cold water cooler, to a convenient counter top water cooler, we know your employees will enjoy the refreshing taste of our spring water. There are many benefits to choosing spring water for your office water cooler, including the fact that natural spring water comes from a water source that flows to the surface from a clean underground service. Our spring water comes from a natural spring source in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. Choose from 5 gallon or 3 gallon bottles, depending on your company’s needs.

            So remember when searching for water filtration services or the next office water cooler, call Fontis at 678-494-1981 or visit us at www.demicapps.fontiswater.com.