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How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

The perfect cup of coffee … this could mean so many things to so many people. To some, it’s piping hot black coffee. To others, a great cup of coffee includes a lot of sugar and creamer. Wait! Make that flavored creamer and Truvia! See, a great cup of coffee means many different things. However, one thing we can all agree on is that you can get great tasting coffee from Fontis Water!

Fontis Water offers a wide variety of coffees for your employees. Whether you have five or 500 employees, Fontis Water has a solution to meet your needs. We offer traditional coffee service, as well as single serve coffee service. The Tassimo Professional will make your employees think you have brought a barista to the office! Add these great coffees with the best water in town, and you are well on your way to the perfect cup of coffee. Yes, it’s a fact that great water makes the coffee taste even better. Fontis Water plus a great coffee from Fontis could lead to quite possibly the most perfect cup of coffee.

And if you’d like to take it a step further, grab your coffee mug, Fontis Water and coffee from Fontis and try one of these great coffee recipes we found at AllRecipes.com. And if you have a great coffee recipe, post it on our Facebook page. We love hearing from you all. Happy Coffee drinking.