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March Madness is in the Air

Brackets have been completed for March Madness. And for some, brackets have already been busted! Rumor is that during this time there will be many individuals consuming wings, burgers and perhaps ice cold adult beverages. This is all great, but don’t forget to drink your water! Yes, your Fontis Water! According to ResponsibleDrinking.com, “alcohol acts as a diuretic. This means when your body breaks down alcohol, it removes water from your blood through your urine. That is why it is a good idea to drink water and other non-alcohol drinks along with your alcohol beverage to avoid dehydration. Dehydration contributes to the unpleasant effects of excessive drinking that go along with a ‘hangover.’  To decrease the risk of a hangover, make sure you get in the habit of drinking some water with every drink of an alcohol beverage.”  

How Much Water Should I drink?

Livestrong.com, recommends drinking “12 glasses of water following a night of consuming alcohol. Do not drink them all at once. Space the glasses out over a 12-hour period. Be careful not to drink too much water because that can cause other serious problems, such as water intoxication.” As you can see, March Madness can still include great food and alcoholic beverages, just don’t forget your water!