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March Madness Only a Month Away

It seems as if we just finished with college football’s national championship game, but yet here we are in the shadows of March Madness. Yes, basketball lovers from around the US will soon be leaving work early to catch those afternoon games on television. We know who you are, but we won’t say a word. You have our Fontis promise.

This year’s madness begins on March 16, Selection Sunday, when the top teams will be selected for a chance to win the national title.  The Final Four will be held in Texas, April 5-7, 2014, and you can already feel the excitement building.  As of today the Top 25 includes teams like Syracuse, Florida, Duke and Kentucky, but all of that can change in a blink of an eye.

Stay tuned, get your Fontis Water ready and keep your eye on the ball!  March Madness is almost here!