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Private Label Bottles Complete the Perfect Wedding Reception

CustomWaterBottlesRecently I had the opportunity to peruse one of the latest wedding magazines. Happily married for more than 20 years, it has been quite some time since I have read one. However, it was interesting to see what the hot trends are in reception take aways. And guess what? One of the hottest trends can be created by Fontis Water! That’s right, custom label water bottles commemorating your special day are quite simply the most perfect take away gift around.
With a custom label bottled of water you can create whatever message you would like to give your guests. Make it simple or elaborate the choice is yours! Thank your guests for coming or have your name and date of your wedding printed. You can even include a photo!
To learn more about our custom label bottling, please visit our website at www.demicapps.fontiswater.com or call us at 678-494-1981.