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Ready for Valentine’s Day?



By definition, Valentine’s Day means “a day for the exchange of tokens of affection.” The problem for many comes in deciding what that token of affection should be for that special someone! While we think signing up for Fontis Water delivery is a perfect gift idea, we began to wonder what are some of the best gift ideas for Valentine’s Day this year?

If you search the web, you will see that the traditional gifts are still alive and well. Chocolate, candy and jewelry still rank at the top of the list for women, but we found some interesting other ideas for her on the Men’s Health website.
Here we found everything from unique notepads to message in a bottle stands; all very unique and different. But what about for him?
We found some great gift ideas on the Real Simple website
From baseball caps to boxers, fun and unique gift ideas can be seen on this site.
No matter what you get or receive this Valentine’s Day, we hope you all have a great on ANDwhatever you do … just don’t forget the special day!