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Getting Ready for Spring Break? Make Sure You’ve Got the Water Packed

Getting Ready for Spring Break? Make Sure You’ve Got the Water Packed | Fontis Water As we spring forward this weekend, our minds quickly turn to spring break, which is only a few weeks away. For many of us, this will mean a much-deserved and needed trip to the beach, but we at Fontis Water want to remind you of some general safety issues when heading to the shores. Of course, we advise ensuring you have plenty of Fontis Water packed, but we also want to remind you of a few safety tips, as reported in WebMD’s Beach 101 Safety Guidelines. Always be on the lookout for rip currents, often misnamed rip tides or undertows. These occur when surf pushes water up the slope of the beach, and then gravity pulls it back. This creates concentrated rivers of water moving offshore. They tend to form as waves disperse along the beach, causing water to become trapped between the beach and a sandbar or another underwater feature. The water converges into a narrow, river-like channel moving away from the shore at high speed. And they are anything but benign. In fact, about 80% of lifeguard rescues at ocean beaches are due to rip currents, and 80% of drowning deaths are also due to rip currents. The best way to be safe from these is to avoid them! Also, remember, alcohol and swimming don’t mix. If you must drink at the beach, pack your bottles of Fontis Water, as staying hydrated is extremely important. We carry 16.9oz bottled water as well as 8 oz bottles, so you can choose which size fits best in your cooler. Alcohol can also reduce your body temperature, impair your swimming ability, and impair judgment, causing you to take unnecessary risks. If enjoying the water on a float, remember not to float out any further than where you can comfortably swim back to shore. And, of course, don’t forget the sunscreen, and be sure to re-apply as directed! A day at the beach is the best, but a day at the beach with a sunburn is no fun at all!