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Spring Water vs. Tap Water: The Differences & The Benefits Will Make You Switch

Ask yourself, would you rather drink municipal tap water each day in your office, or water that comes from a spring in the Blue Ridge mountains? Yes, we agree natural spring water sounds more refreshing to us as well. Pollutants, chemicals and even human waste can infiltrate a water supplybefore it is treated and it can be difficult for municipalities to prove their water is totally fit to drink.You want your employees drinking the best water possible and that is where Fontis Water can help! 

At Fontis, our water does come from the Blue Ridge Mountains and is drawn from a deep rock source into steel containers. At our bottling facility our water undergoes filtration and ozonation. The ozonation process eliminates any naturally occuring microorganisms that might be present. This process also guarantees absolute purity. Even once a municipality treats tap water the chemical by-products from the water treatment can sometimes actually contaminate the drinking water that it is meant to purify. 

Taste is also important and many people drink spring water because the water has a clean, refreshing taste that can’t be found in other waters. And if the water taste good, your employees will be drinking more water at the office. Drinking more water each day helps employees stay fit and fit employees make better employees! Spring water for the office is what you need and we can begin delivery within only a few days after you call to establish service. Find out why so many offices throughout metro Atlanta have turned to Fontis Water to deliver natural spring water to their offices. Read more at our website or call 678-494-1981 for any questions you might have about our natural spring water.