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Staying Hydrated at the Beach

Restrictions are being eased around the South and many are headed to the beach. If your plans include your toes in the sand, be sure you are staying hydrated.

Ever wonder why your body feels dehydrate as soon as you get your chair placed in the sand? It’s because “heat and exciting water sports that you dive into like surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing or stand-up paddling, all burn a lot of calories. And yet, it’s so easy to overlook the dead simple habit of drinking water. Often times, we remember to drink when it’s already too late – when we’re thirsty or feel light-headed and tired.”

Here is a great explanation for why you should be drinking more water*:

Water is a vital nutrient

It is a solvent for important biochemical reactions and maintains the health of every living cell in your body. It transports all substances in the body, from blood and nutrients to flushing toxins.

Helps Maintain Proper Blood Circulation

Drinking more water is associated with a reduced risk of coronary diseases. Blood is between 85 to 95 percent water. When dehydrated, your body becomes thick and sticky, thus prone to blood clots and poor circulation.

Helps Maintain Body Temperature

When exercising, your internal body temperature increases. Water helps cool down your body and keeps all internal organs functioning properly, which is why it is so important to stay hydrated when exercising.

Appetite Control

The next time you feel hungry, drink some water instead. You were probably just thirsty. Drinking a glass of water before a meal helps reduce your appetite and eat less. Water is not some magical overnight weight loss recipe, but it does reduce calories intake through controlled eating and keeps everything in your intestinal tract flowing. Furthermore, your body needs water in order to burn calories.

Lubricates your Joints

Water is the main lubricant in your joints and spine. Drinking enough water reduces the accumulation of acid waste in the joints, which causes pain and inflammation.

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*source: booksurfcamps.com