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Veggies To Go at Cobb Farmer’s Market

This morning in the Marietta Daily Journal, it was announced that on Saturday, May 23, Al Bishop Softball Complex will convert to a drive-thru farmer’s market. Veggies to go!

News reports for the past few weeks have reported many farmers were watching acres of unsold produce rot as hungry people lined up outside of food banks. According to the MDJ, Marietta Mayor Steve Tumlin got an idea and decided to email the state Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black. “He wanted to know whether there was a way to open the city’s farmers market in a way that was safe and would not expose its residents to the coronavirus.” A day later the two two came up with an idea to create something a little bigger than your average farmer’s market.

Georgia Grown To Go

The brainstorm led to an exciting event that will take place next Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Georgia Grown To Go event will take place at Cobb’s Al Bishop Softball Complex. The complex is across the street from Jim Miller Park. The To Go event will host a drive-thru farmer’s market featuring four growers from south Georgia, each among the largest in the state.


Shoppers will have the choice of either preordering their food for a lower price or purchasing it at the market. This information was provided by John Loud, chair of the Cobb Chamber of Commerce. The chamber helped organize the event.

Options include mixed boxes of food. These will contain some combination of sweet corn, blueberries, cucumbers, Vidalia onions, green beans, and several other yummy vegetables. However, there will also be single-item boxes of cooked chicken, peaches, strawberry, sweet corn, dairy and Vidalia onions.

At this time, mixed boxes will cost $36 if preordered and $40 day-of the event. According to Loud, there are several details still being worked out.

Keep it Local

We at Fontis Water support all of the Georgia farmers trying to make it through these unprecedented times. Please remember, we too are a local Georgia company and truly appreciate your business.