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Why do We Celebrate Columbus Day?

Columbus Day, a day when stores have great sales, the mail doesn’t run and the banks are closed. But why do we celebrate the day? Columbus Day is in fact the day when we honor Christopher Columbus’ sighting of America on October 12, 1492. Perhaps you even remember the poem from school? The holiday is observed not only in the US, but also parts of Canada, Puerto Rico and even cities in Italy and Spain.
It’s important to remember that Columbus was not the first explorer to actually step foot on the land, but his landing in the Western Hemisphere was important because it opened the way for the settlement of America by Europeans. Columbus Day became a legal holiday in the United States in 1892, but it was originally called Discovery Day. Many cities even host Columbus Day parades, dinners and parties.
If you were one of the lucky ones that did not have to work, we hope you enjoyed your day and said thanks to Columbus for discovering our great land! Happy Columbus Day from your friends at Fontis Water!