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Why Fontis Water Delivery is the Superior Choice in 2023

The eternal debate between tap water and water delivery services continues to perplex many. However, in the ever-evolving landscape of 2023, Fontis Water remains the clear answer. In this blog post, we will outline the compelling reasons why having Fontis Water deliver water to your home and office is the optimal choice.

The Fontis Water Difference

While tap water seems like a convenient and cost-free option, at Fontis Water, we understand the distinction and believe you will too, with just one sip. Our water is sourced from our very own springs nestled in the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains. And the purity and exceptional quality of our water set us apart from the rest.

The Process

To truly comprehend the disparity between tap water and Fontis Water, let’s delve into their respective processes. Tap water undergoes a series of treatments, including sand filtration, flocculation, and the addition of chlorine. The purpose of chlorine is to eliminate micro-organisms and bacteria. However, it’s worth noting that tap water adheres to regulations set by the EPA, which also governs chemical companies and oil spills. In contrast, Fontis Water follows regulations set by the FDA and adheres to much stricter guidelines.

Our natural spring water undergoes meticulous filtration and ozonation at our state-of-the-art bottling facility. Through ozonation, ozone (O3) is introduced to the water, effectively eliminating any naturally occurring impurities. This additional step ensures unparalleled purity in every drop of our drinking water. Because our rigorous testing is conducted hourly, we can guarantee that our customers receive the finest, highest quality natural mountain spring water available. Our commitment to delivering exceptional water has earned us the reputation of being the trusted water supplier for offices and homes across metro Atlanta.

Experience the Fontis Difference: For those seeking the ultimate water experience, Fontis Water delivery is the answer. Our dedication to excellence and our passion for providing pure, refreshing water sets us apart. To learn more about Fontis Water delivery services, we invite you to visit our website or contact us at 678-494-1981.

Stay hydrated with Fontis Water, the superior choice in 2023.