Our Staff

Office & Customer Service

Jamie Carroll
Founder and President
Jamie Carroll—Founder and President
Jamie Carroll is founder and president of Fontis Water. He is responsible for business development, marketing strategy and the day-to-day operations of the company. Jamie maintains the vision for Fontis, which he started more than a decade ago: Build, maintain and grow a successful company based on his family’s tradition of providing the highest quality products and unmatched customer service. Jamie has been part of the bottled water and coffee industry for over 25 years. His family owned Georgia Mountain Water for 20 years, building it into one of the strongest and most respected brands in the industry.
Mary Raugh
Chief Operating Officer
Mary Raugh—Chief Operating Officer
Our operations manager, Mary, takes pride in her dedication to hard work and the importance of family; two values instilled upon her by her parents who just happen to be her heroes as well. A Jersey girl to her core, yes we’ve heard she sings a mean Bon Jovi tune. Mary is motivated to work hard, because it’s how she was raised and believes if you are not going to do your best, it’s not worth doing. Her proudest accomplishment is her 15 year old son, and Fontis is certainly glad that childhood dream of being a meter maid did not pan out!
Becky Giggey
Office Manager
Becky Giggey—Office Manager
Every day Becky looks forward to learning something new at Fontis and is committed to working hard. A mom and a grandmother, she loves taking the family to Daytona Beach every year … a “Giggey family tradition!” Her father, who served as a Captain of a B-17 at 21 in World War II, is her hero. She was enamored by his dedication to his family and his ability to provide for a family of five. Her proudest accomplishment is being married to her high school sweetheart for 32 years and raising her two wonderful daughters. Her husband makes her laugh and yeah, you are not going to catch her singing anything!
Mark Roper
Operations Manager
Mark Roper—Operations Manager
Jennifer Wilkes
Marketing Director
Jennifer Wilkes—Marketing Director
The job of marketing director fits Jennifer perfectly, as she loves all things people related. A glass is always half full kind of person; her perfect day would include a sunny day on a beach with her family. She enjoys trying new restaurants, shopping and reading a great book. A true Southern girl at heart, her all-time favorite movie is “Gone With the Wind,” and she’s been known to quote Scarlett O’Hara. She loves watching her Auburn Tigers play football and dreams of sharing a latte with Rod Stewart. And should the marketing career ever fade away, she’d be the first one to see if Aerosmith was interested in a female singer.
Randy Pingree
Route Supervisor
Randy Pingree—Route Supervisor
When he is not managing our routes, Randy enjoys camping, hiking and attending concerts. However, if given the opportunity to do anything he would love nothing more than restoring classic cars. He is a big fan of the movie, The Big Lebowski, and Pink Floyd is his favorite band. Randy is grateful for his Fontis family and says the best part of his job is the people he works with each day.

Route Sales

Lamar Allen
Route Sales
Lamar Allen—Route Sales
A lover of all things sports, Lamar enjoys not only watching football, but also playing football! However, if he has day off with nothing to do, you can find him at a lake fishing and relaxing. Lamar will tell you there are many great perks to working for Fontis Water, including the freedom he has to be his own boss on the open road!
Derek Picket
Route Sales
Derek Picket—Route Sales
Derek joined the Fontis Water team in November of 2015 and works as a route driver for the company. His job title could not be more fitting as his favorite part of his job is driving around metro Atlanta in his Fontis delivery truck. Derek and his wife, Erica, have a five year old daughter, Lindsey, and a playful dachshund named Bo. His weekends include family time and gardening. Derek is also a salt water coral and fish enthusiast.
Emmanuel Jimenez
Route Sales
Emmanuel Jimenez—Route Sales
Josh Padgett
Route Sales
Josh Padgett—Route Sales