1) How often does Fontis deliver?

  • In most cases, we deliver every 20 business days, or once every four weeks, resulting in 13 deliveries per year.  In certain cases, you may be eligible for delivery every 10 business days, depending on volume.

2) What is the pH of Fontis water?

  • The pH of our water is 6.5.

3) What is the delivery process, and do I need to be present at the time of delivery?

  • For commercial accounts, you will receive an email reminder two days prior to your delivery. The driver will come to your office or job site during normal business hours and replace your empty bottles with full ones.
  • For residential delivery, you will receive an email two days prior to your delivery and an automated phone call the night before (around 7 pm). These serve as a reminder to place your empty bottles at the designated location outside your home, and the driver will replace them with full bottles. It is not necessary for you to be home to accept your delivery.

4) Is there a deposit fee for Fontis bottles?

  • Bottle deposits are applied only to those customers who do not rent their water coolers from Fontis, and in some cases for large volume accounts.  While the majority of our customers do not incur a bottle deposit fee, you are responsible for returning all bottles to us.  Bottle counts are tracked for each billing cycle, and there will be $7 charge for each unreturned bottle.
  • Bottle deposits are charged on all glass bottles.

5) What if I run out of water before my next delivery day?

  • If you are running low, or are out of water, call the office to let us know, and we will issue a service ticket to deliver additional water.  This extra delivery is normally done within 1-2 business days. Ideally, we like to keep you on your normal route, because that is when we have a driver in your area.  In order to prevent this going forward, it may be necessary to increase the number of bottles that are delivered to you each month.

6) Why is my delivery day important?  Why can’t I just call you when I want water?

  • In order to keep costs low, a route truck is scheduled to see every customer in certain areas on a set route day.  As each route driver has a full schedule every day, it is not always possible to deliver on demand.

7) Are your bottles BPA free?

  • Yes, most of our plastic bottles are BPA free.  We will happily add a note your account to ensure our drivers deliver only BPA free bottles to you, upon request.  You can identify the BPA free bottles by the recycling number inside the triangle—it will read “1 PET” (Polyethylene Terephthalate).

8) What is the difference between the filtration units and the 5-gallon bottles of water?

  • The filtration units are installed using your own building’s waterline, and use a carbon filter to remove many of the impurities and contaminants found in municipal water, improving the taste, smell, and overall quality of your tap water .  Our 5-gallon bottles of Fontis water (either spring, distilled, purified) are sourced from a private, natural spring in North Georgia. We never use municipal/city water.

9) How often do you invoice?

  • An invoice covering all deliveries and rentals for the month will be sent on the last business day of that month.  While you will receive a delivery receipt on the business day following each delivery, this is merely a confirmation for your records.  You only pay the invoice received at the month’s end.

10) How often do you charge my credit card?

  • For those with automatic billing, your credit card will be charged when we close our monthly billing cycle—typically done on the last business day of each month.

11) Why is my bill higher/lower than usual?

  • Due to our every-four-week delivery cycle, you may have received two deliveries in the same month.  It is also possible that due to changing weather, you are consuming more or less water. We charge by the bottle, so you only pay for the number of bottles that have been delivered.

12) How do I sign up for service/begin receiving water deliveries?

  • A Fontis service representative will guide you through the initial process—discussing pricing and determining what products and quantities will best suit your needs.  Then, we will send you an agreement with all of the necessary information via Adobe Sign. Once you electronically sign and return the agreement, we will set up your Fontis account in our system.  After the account is activated, your first delivery is typically within 1-2 business days. Please note that all new accounts with cooler rentals must have someone present for the initial set up. We will not leave equipment outside.

13) How do you clean the coolers, and how often should the units be exchanged?

  • The beauty of leasing a cooler from Fontis is that we handle all maintenance required.  If you notice the cooler getting a little dirty, or having any performance issues, please call the office and we will swap out the cooler for you on your next route day.  We also have a helpful video to assist you in the process of cleaning your customer-owned cooler.

14) How long can the Filtration Units (POU) effectively filter my water?

  • The commercial-grade carbon filters used in our filtration units are good for 1,500 gallons of water per year.  This is 125 gallons, or the equivalent of 25 five-gallon bottles of water per month. We offer one free filter change per year with our filtration units.  Each additional filter change is $45.

15) What is the difference between spring, purified and distilled water?

  • All of our water is spring-based, meaning it all comes from a natural spring in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia.  Our unaltered spring water is simply filtered and ozonated–all of the naturally occurring minerals remain in the water.  Our purified water begins at our spring source, but then goes through a process called reverse osmosis—or RO—to remove all of the naturally occurring minerals.  Our distilled water also has the minerals removed; however this is accomplished through a process called steam distillation.  Spring water is our most popular option, but the choice is always yours!

16)  What is an Energy Surcharge and why do you charge it?

  • This is a small fee that is only charged per delivery. This charge helps offset much more than fuel; it helps ensure our continued commitment to Clean Air through reduced emissions with our clean burning, EPA approved trucks. It’s a small price to pay so we can all breathe a little easier! Rather than a price per bottle increase, we elected to charge a flat rate to all customers across the board.