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How Water Delivery for Your Home & Office Helps With Overall Water Conservation

Conserving water is an important issue for homes and offices across the US, even in places where you might think water is abundant. Many articles will inform consumers how to conserve water from their faucets and toilets, but did you know a water cooler in your home or office could also help conserve water? That’s right! When you run tap water and wait for it to cool off or warm up, you are wasting water. By having a Fontis Water cooler in your home or office, your water is automatically cold or hot, depending upon your dispenser. Keeping a Fontis Water .5 liter bottle in your fridge can also help to conserve water. Water delivery from Fontis Water is a quick and convenient way to get fresh tasting spring water right to your door. Our spring water comes straight from a source in the Blue Ridge Mountains and offers customers the best tasting water around.  

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