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The Benefits of Fontis Water Delivery

In today’s world, the question of whether to sign up for water delivery or stick to tap water is one that many people ponder. At Fontis Water, we firmly believe in the advantages of having our premium water delivered straight to your home or office. Let’s explore the compelling reasons why Fontis Water is the superior choice.

Tap Water: A Basic Overview

Tap water is simply the water that flows from your faucet, readily available and free of charge. Some bottled water companies even sell filtered tap water as a commodity. However, at Fontis Water, we go the extra mile by sourcing our water from our very own springs nestled in the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains. We believe in the discernible difference that our natural spring water offers. And we think you’ll notice it too after just one sip.

Understanding the Process

To truly appreciate the disparity between tap water and Fontis Water, let’s delve into their respective processes. Tap water goes through a series of treatments. These treatments involve sand filtration, flocculation, and the addition of chlorine to eliminate microorganisms and bacteria. It’s worth noting the chlorine content in tap water is not only sufficient to purify the water itself but also to safeguard the tanks and water mains. Tap water is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA also oversees chemical companies and oil spills. On the other hand, Fontis Water is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), adhering to even stricter guidelines.

The Distinctiveness of Natural Spring Water

At Fontis Water, our natural spring water undergoes meticulous filtration and ozonation processes at our state-of-the-art bottling facility. Ozonation involves infusing the water with ozone (O3) to eliminate any naturally occurring impurities that may be present. This additional step guarantees the absolute purity of our drinking water. To ensure exceptional quality, our water undergoes hourly testing. Thus providing our customers with the purest and highest-quality natural mountain spring water available. We take immense pride in the water we deliver, which is why we have become the preferred water supplier for offices and homes throughout metro Atlanta.

Experience the Fontis Difference

If you’re ready to elevate your water-drinking experience, Fontis Water delivery is the ideal solution. Our commitment to excellence and the stringent standards we uphold set us apart from tap water and other bottled water brands. To learn more about our water delivery services or to place an order, please visit our website or call us at 678-494-1981.

Choose Fontis Water, and savor the refreshing taste of pure mountain spring water delivered right to your doorstep.