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Tips on Packing the Cooler for Tailgates

Football season is in full swing with fans traveling to their favorite stadium each weekend. Team colors are important, great plays on the field are essential but the cooler for the tailgate might just be the most important element of the weekend. A great cooler can include everything from ice cold Fontis Water to mom’s potato salad, but the mixing of the two is one catastrophe you want to avoid.

When researching this topic we found a great article in Southern Living¬†about how to pack a tailgate cooler. From tips on how to layer the food and ice to remembering how long to let food sit out, this article provides some great do’s and don’ts.¬†

According to the article you should always pack the coldest foods on the bottom of the cooler and store salads, spreads and dips in concealed containers. It is extremely important to separate cooked and raw foods to avoid cross contamination of any kind. And remember, “if you plan to cook on-site, make sure you pack additional clean plates. Never place produce or cooked food on a plate that previously held raw meat.”

Enjoy these tips and happy tailgating!