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Pros of Drinking Spring Water

Since water is foundational to a healthy, functioning body, it’s important to know you’re drinking the purest water available. Spring water, also known as mountain water, is the purest form of water available. Compare it to other types of bottled water (distilled, flavored, and tap) and you will learn it has the most benefits. Fontis Mountain Spring Water is sourced from springs that run deep through the Blue Ridge Mountains. When you grab a glass of Fontis spring water, you can rest assured your water is free of chemical additives. Here are just a few reasons why so many people are making the switch to Fontis spring water.

Spring Water

Spring water comes from aquifers deep below the surface of the earth. These natural reservoirs are safe from environmental pollutants and chemicals found in many topside lakes and streams. For thousands of years, these underground aquifers have been gathering and storing water. It’s then infused with pure, deep-earth minerals, such as trace minerals like bicarbonate and magnesium. These are essential to the human body. Unfortunately, most people don’t get their daily dose of essential minerals even when they try to eat healthy. But by adding natural spring water to your daily regime, you’ll get the minerals you need for healthy bone and muscle development.

The presence of trace minerals like bicarbonate and sodium is what makes spring water pH balanced, and the pH level in your body helps you fight infections and free radicals. Several new medical studies suggest that lowering the levels of acidity in your body can help reduce the risk of cancer. Overall, people with high levels of acidity tend to have more problems with joint pain, recurring infections, and digestive issues. Boost your body’s natural immune system with mineral water that’s pH neutral or slightly alkaline.

No Added Chemicals

By far the biggest benefit of enjoying a bottle of natural spring water is there are no added chemicals. More and more people are reading the nutritional labels on the food they eat, and that’s a good habit to have. You’d be surprised at the number of chemicals and sugar additives you’ll find in some waters claiming to be pure. Some bottled waters are actually tap water that contain alarming levels of fluoride, aluminum, lead, and even chlorine. Others add artificial sugars and chemical flavoring. Avoid these at all cost by checking the labels.