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The Benefits of Water Delivery vs. Tap Water

It is an age old question for many … to have a water delivery service, or pour up a glass of tap water? Of course you know our answer. However, there are sound reasons as to why you should have Fontis Water deliver water to your home and/or office.

Most of us know tap water is the water that comes out of our faucets, and that sounds simple enough. You turn on the water, let it flow into your glass and BAM – free water. There are even water companies that sell filtered tap water. However, at Fontis Water we source our water from our own springs that can be found in the Blue Ridge Mountains. We know there is a difference and believe you will too after one sip.

The Process

To understand the difference between the two, let’s take a look at each of their processes. First, tap water goes through a process that includes sand filtration, flocculation and yes, chlorine. The addition of chlorine is to kill micro-organisms and bacteria. It’s important to note here that the amount of chlorine processed in tap water is not just enough to kill objects in the water, but also to kill bacteria in the tanks and water mains. Tap water follows the regulations set by the EPA, however they also regulate chemical companies and oil spills. You might be also be interested in knowing, Fontis Water follows regulations set by the FDA and must follow much stricter guidelines.

Natural Spring Water

Our natural spring water undergoes filtration and ozonation at our bottling facility. Ozonation is a process where ozone (O3) is bubbled through the water. This eliminates any naturally occurring impurities that may be present. As a result, this extra step guarantees absolutely pure drinking water. Every hour, the water goes through testing to ensure customers get the purest, highest quality natural mountain spring water available. Because we take great pride in the water we deliver, we are the water suppliers to offices and homes throughout metro Atlanta.

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