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An Office Water Cooler for the Win!

From Google to Tesla, companies are telling their employees it’s time to get back in the office. So, as employees are headed back into the office, the question remains, do you have a water cooler? We at Fontis Water certainly hope so as there is research that proves it is a good idea to have one!

According to business.com, the benefits are endless for placing a cooler in your office, and in our opinion, even more beneficial when you choose a Fontis office water cooler.

Benefits* of a water cooler include:

  • More productivity since your employees can remain at the office for a beverage.
  • The potential for a positive workplace culture to develop and grow.
  • Free water is a perk for your employees.
  • Whether you want a basic model, a bottle-less water dispenser, or one that can provide different water temperatures, a water dispenser will benefit your business as you provide for your employees
  • And the best news? Water coolers and water filtration systems can all be set up in your office by Fontis Water.

The Fontis Water Cooler Difference

Unlike a lot of water delivery service companies that sell filtered tap water, we source our water from our own springs. A spring that is nestled deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains and protected from agricultural or industrial runoff. Family owned and operated since 2003, Fontis bottles 100% pure spring water and delivers it to homes and businesses in and around Atlanta. Our spring water combined with our customer service is why Fontis Water is the best water delivery company in Atlanta.

Our mission is to deliver the best natural mountain spring water with exceptional customer service and genuine enthusiasm. It’s been a family tradition since 1980.

*source business.com