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Atlanta’s Snowjam 2014

As we all begin to thaw out, the questions will continue to be asked.  Who was at fault for Snowjam 2014?  Why were children sent to school when weather forecasts called for snow in the Atlanta area at 4 AM? Were the signs ignored or did Atlanta just drop the ball? These are questions that all deserve answers. No doubt our Fontis family will never forget their struggles of travel on this snowy day, and we hope you all made it home safe and unharmed.

We found it interesting all the many articles that have been written about this unforgettable day.  One article of interest was this one found in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. And of course this image won’t soon leave our minds. atlanta-snowjam-2014_3There were people sleeping in cars, grocery stores and office lobbies.  Children stuck in buses and schools. There really aren’t words to describe the scene. Maybe we should all just begin to think Spring, and let’s hope that groundhog tells us it’s right around the corner! Stay safe Atlanta.