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Celebrate National Coffee Day with Fontis

That’s right it’s National Coffee Day and restaurants across America are offering a cup of free coffee today. McDonald’s, Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts are all offering up free cups of the good stuff, so if you plan accordingly you could stay “coffeed up” all day long!

And speaking of coffee, are you getting your coffee from Fontis? That’s right we said coffee! We offer home and office delivery of some of the best coffee around. For many, a delicious cup of coffee is an integral part of their daily routine. A great tasting cup of Joe can warm up a nasty winter morning or make the gridlocked traffic on the Connector or Georgia 400 more bearable. But what exactly is it that makes a great cup of coffee? Give us a call today or sign up online and we will have one of our coffee experts come to your place of business and show you how to get that great coffee house cup of coffee right in your own office!

Happy Monday and have a  great National Coffee Day!