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The Impurities of Tap Water

Tap Water. It’s available to all of us and guess what, it is free from our tap. However, with your body being made up of more than 70 percent of water, wouldn’t you like to know what you are putting in it is good for you and not full of impurities?

It is true that tap water typically meets federally mandated guidelines and sure it can save you a few pennies, but are you aware tap water has chemicals added to it? As a matter of fact, some drinking water in the United States has even been labeled toxic. And in our honest opinion, does anyone really enjoy the taste of tap water?

The Facts

According to Health Guidance, a few of the chemicals in tap water include:*
1. Chlorine – Chlorine has been known to cause bladder and rectal cancers, and also asthma. Recently, experts have linked chlorine to breast cancer as well.
2. Lead – Lead enters tap water through pipes with corrosion and this drinking water is harmful for pregnant mothers and children. Lead poisoning has been proven to cause learning disorders and severe developmental delays.
3. Giardia and Cryptosporidium – These types of protozoa are responsible for widespread and severe outbreaks of gastro-intestinal diseases. They will make their way in the water system whenever here has been a sanitation breakdown.

Now that we have your attention … let’s talk about the Fontis Water difference.

What sets us apart is that Fontis Water is pure, natural mountain spring water sourced from a cold spring which is in the mountains of Blue Ridge, Georgia. When rain falls in the Blue Ridge Mountains, it seeps through porous rock that acts as a natural filter. After its underground journey, the crystal clear water makes its way to Fontis Water’s family spring near Blue Ridge, Ga. Once there, the 55º F water is drawn from the deep rock source into stainless steel containers.

Spring water is bottled and then delivered to residential and commercial customers throughout metro Atlanta. If you want to learn more about having great tasting Fontis Water delivered to your home or office call us at 678-494-1981 or visit us at FontisWater.com.  Bottled spring water or water filtration systems, we deliver!

Source: healthguidance.org