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The Time has Come to Get Healthy!

Right now the country is a buzz with many political hot topics, and one of the most prominent subjects out there is the Affordable Healthcare Act.  While this has become a political issue for many, we applaud Don Lemon as he has decided to take this opportunity to create a healthier lifestyle for himself, thus reducing his insurance costs.  Just check out the great points he makes in his most recent blog.

Living an unhealthy lifestyle can most certainly increase your insurance costs, but making healthy choices cost you nothing!  Make a plan now to eat healthier, exercise more and stay hydrated with Fontis Water.  Rid yourself of sodas and drink more of our refreshing spring water.  By drinking more water you are keeping your skin refreshed, which keeps you looking younger!  Drinking water also helps you lose weight, build muscle and is good for your joints.  Think of it this way, a glass of water a day could truly help keep the doctor away; and we happen to know where you can get the best water around!  Get healthy with Fontis!