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What Makes Fontis Water Different?

What does make Fontis Water different? Sure, you probably know Fontis Water is pure, natural spring water that comes from the Blue Ridge Mountains. And yes, that is a difference over many of our competitors. We are also locally owned and operated, that is another difference over many bottled water delivery companies in the Atlanta area, but the true difference is in our people and the service we provide our customers. 

At Fontis Water we care about our customers. Our customers are more than a name in our system, they are a part of our Fontis family. We frequently receive calls from our customers telling us something nice about our employees and how they have gone that extra step for them. And if there is ever a problem, we are going to make it right … immediately. When you call Fontis you will speak to a live person, no automated system will attempt to resolve an issue or establish water delivery service. It’s simply how we do business.

John and Sandy Delves have been clients of Fontis Water for more than five years and they are always telling their friends about Fontis. “In my mind there is no other water delivery company,” said Mr. Delves. “The water is fantastic and the service is exceptional. I have recommend friends and business owners to Fontis, and they too could not be happier with their decision!”


Why not give Fontis Water a try and experience the difference for yourself. We’d love for you to visit our website and learn about our water delivery and other other products, such as some of the best coffees in the business. If you have any questions, please call us at 678-494-1981.