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World Cup Fever Hits America

Even if you have never watched a soccer game in your life, we might be willing to bet you have been watching the World Cup 2014. Who can’t help but get excited when they see the “I Believe” commercials supporting the USA soccer team. In a nation that lives and breathes football, basketball and baseball, it’s rather fun to watch and get behind the sport of soccer, and the employees at Fontis Water are definitely behind this USA team.

In case you have been hiding under a rock, the USA team defeated Ghana, a first in the USA’s World Cup history. It was thought the USA team would never survive the Ghana team, but a few determined young men proved otherwise and are now looking forward to taking on Portugal this Sunday at 6 PM EST. Bars, homes and offices were filled with individuals yelling and screaming for the USA team who scored its first goal in less than two minutes after the game began and ended the game by scoring again in the last few minutes! It was something to see. Huffington Post did a great job covering the story and also provided great videos showing a few of the highlights.

At Fontis we are all saying, “We Believe,” and we can’t wait for the game Sunday night! Go USA!