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A Healthier Thanksgiving Meal

It might seem that the words healthy and Thanksgiving could never go together, but guess what?  They actually can go together quite nicely.  As you begin to think about your Thanksgiving meals, it might be worth your time to check out some of these healthy suggestions.  And of course, all of these recommendations can be nicely paired with refreshing Fontis Water.

Along with the turkey and dressing, there is always gravy.  Ahh gravy, not the healthiest of sides.  However, if you will use vegetable oil instead of turkey drippings, you will save yourself from the cholesterol found in the drippings.  Vegetable oil is obviously still a fat, but it has less saturated fat than the turkey drippings.  And speaking of sides, why not serve baked sweet potatoes and cranberry relish?  They are extremely tasty, and are most definitely on the healthier side.  But wait Thanksgiving is not complete without pumpkin pie.  According to All Recipes, the most fattening part of the pie is found in the crust, so why not switch to a reduced-fat graham cracker crust?  All of these simple, but effective, changes can make a great deal of difference in your healthier holiday meal this Thanksgiving.  To find more of these suggestions and great recipes, visit the All Recipes website.