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A Race Against the Clock

Have you ever run in a road race that you could possibly finish before you started? Well, this weekend you can do just that! As the time changes this weekend, yes it’s time to spring forward, runners will chase the moonlight and race sunlight! The 5K in Paradise actually starts at 1 AM, so as the time changes you have one hour to beat the clock! The temperatures might be cool, but runners will complete this race in a “tropical paradise,” complete with live palm trees, fruity drinks and beach music! There will be medals, cheers and the infamous pajama pants! Maybe running in the middle of the night is not for you, how about the second race that begins at 8 AM? In this morning event you can try to beat the sunlight with the same tropical fun! Finishers of this race will receive a t-shirt that matches the pajama pants and of course, a groovy sun medal! Think you are up for both? Then why not take on the double dare? Run both races for a great price, and score DOUBLE the swag! TWO medals, pajama pants, matching shirt…. and bragging rights that you knocked out both 5K’s and beat the sun and moon!! And along with all this greatness, you will also be able to enjoy refreshing Fontis Water.

Event details and schedule

Parking is adjacent the start at Town Center Mall in Kennesaw and is FREE! If you do both races, you can hang out overnight and enjoy music, food, and more! Chasing Moonlight starts at 1 AM Racing Sunlight starts at 8 AM