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Back to School Lunch Ideas

How can it be that school is back in session for many students this week and the rest will join them next week? Didn’t we just celebrate the end of school yesterday? No matter how short the summer may feel, it is indeed time to go back to school. Traffic will soon creep back to its normal madness and moms and dads everywhere will begin asking the infamous question, “have you done your homework?” And perhaps one of the most daunting task as a parent is the dreaded making of the school lunches.

We know the beverage part is easy, just pack a bottle of refreshing Fontis Water, but what about the food? One can only live on so many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We decided to investigate this age-old question and found some fantastic lunch ideas on the Food Network site.
Who wouldn’t love a chicken salad wrap or 10-minute Tomato Soup? And we especially loved the recipe for Ree’s Strawberry Oatmeal Bars. One unique idea was to create a take-to-school taco bar in your child’s lunchbox. Doesn’t that sound better than bologna? 

We hope you will enjoy these lunch ideas, and we wish everyone a wonderful school year!