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Back to School Safety Tips

It might be hard to believe, but it’s back to school time for students in metro Atlanta.   Moms and dads will be packing lunches, hopefully which will include a bottle of Fontis Water, and kids will be begging for 5 more minutes of sleep. Along with earlier wake up calls comes homework, after school activities and more traffic!  As you and your children begin to get back into your school routine, it’s important to remember a few back to school safety tips.

Bus Safety

Parents with children riding the school bus should remind their little ones of very important safety procedures.  All students waiting on a bus should stand at least 6 feet away from the curb, and if your student has to cross the street to board the bus, make sure they do so 10 feet in front of the bus.  Students should never walk behind a bus, and it’s important that they always make sure the bus driver can see them.  If a little one drops something under the bus, remind them to never pick it up until they have first told the bus driver they need to collect their dropped object.

Bike Safety

If your child rides a bike to school make sure they always wear a helmet.  Helmets do save lives.  Remind children to wear bright colors when biking to school and never bike in the dark.  To ensure the highest level of safety, make sure your student knows the rules of the road when it comes to biking.

Walking Safety

If your child is walking to school, make sure they do so with a group that is accompanied by an adult.  They should always walk on the sidewalk, and if there is not one, make sure they walk facing traffic.  It is recommended by the National Safety Council that no child 10 years old or under cross the street by themselves and crossing at corners and intersections is always the safest way to cross.

To read more about these tips and others, visit the National Safety Council website for a detailed check list, and best wishes for a super school year!