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Check another one off the list

Doesn’t it seem like the Big get bigger and the Small–well, they seem to hang in there for a while…until the Big decide they want to eat them for lunch! If you live in the metro Atlanta area, I’m sure you’ve heard of Blue Ridge Mountain Water–after all, they were Georgia’s second largest bottled water company.   That is, until last Monday morning when Crystal Springs, Georgia’s–in fact, the nation’s– largest bottled water company, walked in and told everyone they were the new owners.   That’s right: Crystal Springs Water Company acquired Blue Ridge Mountain Water in a deal that went into effect Monday December 15, 2008. 

While this is good for Crystal Springs, how will it affect the Blue Ridge Mountain Water customers?  Will customer service be the same? No.  Will deliveries be the same? No. Routes will have to be merged to become more efficient and data from one computer system has to be converted so it can be imported to the new system.   Not to mention the merging of two completely different corporate cultures!

If you have ever been with a large water company it can be obvious they are oftentimes disconnected from the needs of their customers. Fontis, on the other hand, values each and every one of our customers.  So whether it’s bottled water, coffee service, water filtration or all three, Fontis Water is dedicated to offering the highest quality products possible with unmatched customer service.

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