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Elevate the Holidays with Fontis Water: Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for 2023

The clock is ticking, and Christmas is just around the corner. If you’re still on the lookout for that perfect gift, Fontis Water has you covered with a curated list of last-minute Christmas presents that go beyond the ordinary. While the convenience of Fontis Water home delivery remains a stellar option, we’ve rounded up a selection of thoughtful and unique gifts to add a touch of magic to your holiday season.

Original Vinyl Records Box from Vinyl Record Club

Dive into the world of music nostalgia with the Original Vinyl Records box from Vinyl Record Club. This subscription service offers flexible options, ranging from one month to a year. Each box is a curated collection of six vintage vinyl records, handpicked based on the recipient’s preferred genre. Choose the mystery option for an extra element of surprise, making it the perfect gift for audiophiles and vintage enthusiasts.

The Traveler’s Delight for Christmas

Airbnb Gift Card For those with a passion for exploration, an Airbnb gift card opens the door to endless travel possibilities. While you might not be planning their entire trip, you’re giving the gift of choice and adventure. Enhance the experience by placing the gift card inside a stylish passport wallet, adding a thoughtful and practical touch to their future journeys.

Creative Fun for Little Ones at Christmas

How to Draw Animal Art Club Class -Unleash the artistic potential in the little ones with the How to Draw: Animal Art Club class. Ideal for all ages, this class provides step-by-step instructions on cartoon drawing fundamentals, focusing on adorable doodled animals. Whether they are beginners or aspiring artists, enrolling in one or multiple classes can be a fun and educational way to spend their time.

Unplugged Adult Fiction Monthly Box for Book Lovers this Christmas

Book lovers deserve more than just books, and the Unplugged Adult Fiction Monthly Box delivers just that. Each box includes a new release along with up to five self-care products such as candles and tea, creating a cozy reading experience. Additionally, recipients can enjoy two or three exclusive novelty items like blankets, mugs, or games, making it a delightful surprise for the literary enthusiasts in your life.

Subscription to a Local Artisanal Food Box

Elevate the culinary experience with a subscription to a local artisanal food box. Treat your loved ones to a monthly delivery of handcrafted goodies, ranging from gourmet chocolates to small-batch jams and savory snacks. Supporting local artisans and indulging in unique flavors, this gift is a delightful journey for the taste buds.

Plant Parent Starter Kit

For those with a green thumb or aspiring plant parents, a Plant Parent Starter Kit is a delightful and thoughtful gift. Include a selection of easy-to-care-for houseplants, stylish planters, and essential care accessories. This kit not only brings the beauty of nature indoors but also fosters a sense of responsibility and connection with the plant world.

As you navigate the holiday shopping rush, Fontis Water wishes you a season filled with joy, laughter, and memorable moments. No matter which gift you choose, the thoughtful selection on this list is sure to bring smiles and spread holiday cheer. And if you are really struggling with the perfect Christmas gift, might we suggest Fontis Water home delivery. The perfect size for everyone! Happy Holidays from all of us at Fontis Water!