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Don’t Throw Those Fontis Water Bottles Away!

Open. Drink. Throw away the bottle. Stop! Don’t throw that Fontis Water bottle away. We have a great idea how to re-use it. With planting season upon us, those used bottles make the perfect “base” for your large planter. Check out what we did with the planter at our front door.
Step One
Take those bottles, caps on, and place them in the bottom of the planter. A container this large does not need that much dirt. The used bottles make the perfect filler.
Step Two
Add your soil. According to finegardening.com, the soil in your containers should be a good mix. “One of the most important things a potting soil needs to do is provide roots access to air by letting water drain away from them. In the ground, the soil is usually deep enough to let excess water drain beyond root zones. In pots, however, water tends to accumulate at the bottom, despite drainage holes.”
Step Three
Select the best plants for your container and plant. Remember to take into account the amount of sun your flowers will receive. Is it a shady spot? Full sun? This will determine which flowers you should select. We chose yellow Zinnia, pink Hibiscus and Blood Leaf Purple Lady.  
Step Four
Enjoy your beautiful planter all summer long! For more great landscape tips, click over to one of our favorite sites, Stone Creek Landscaping. Stone Creek is your complete landscape solution. Whether you’re looking for maintenance, design and install, or just a splash of seasonal color, our skilled and professional crews are here to help. And if you are in need of some great tasting Fontis Water, delivered in some great bottles, call us today at 678-494-1981.