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What to Drink? Spring Water or Filter Water

Americans love bottled water. In fact, between the years 2000 to 2015, bottled water consumption doubled from 13.5 gallons to 36.4 gallons per person. Most consumers assume bottled water is healthier, or they think it tastes better. The truth is, most water bottlers use tap water from municipal water supplies.

Some companies use filtration processes to treat the water they sell, while other companies use a purification process to remove impurities. But for many consumers, neither of these options can compete with the taste of natural spring water. Consumers want to know that the water they drink is safe and healthy, but they also expect it to have a refreshing taste. To better understand how water is processed before it is bottled, it is best to understand the different processes used to treat it.

Filtered Water

Filtering is a commonly used method for commercially processing water to clear away bacteria, heavy metals, and pesticides. Homeowners often purchase filtration systems to filter their tap water. However, there are varying degrees of effectiveness in producing great tasting water when using home filtering systems, due to the differences between municipal water systems and the quality of the components used in the water filter.


Purified Water

A growing number of commercial water bottlers are using purification processes instead of filtration processes in their products. The difference between filtered and purified water is that in the purification process, the guidelines are stricter, and additional processes are used, such as reverse osmosis, deionization, or distillation. The stricter guidelines allow companies to use water from a variety of sources, such as tap, ground or spring water.


Spring Water

With natural spring water, it isn’t the process that creates a better-tasting water, but the source of it that matters. Spring water is defined by the Environmental Protection Agency as water coming from an underground aquifer. It is collected when it comes to the surface, and must be tested and filtered before being bottled and sold commercially. It is the minerals present in spring water that produce a better-tasting water, according to those who prefer it.

Not all spring water is the same quality, however. We believe only the purest spring water is worthy of our name. Fontis Water comes from a family-owned rock spring located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. We insist on bottling a great-tasting mountain spring water, so we add an additional filtration and ozonation during the bottling process, and we test the water every hour to ensure that the end result is high-quality, delicious, 100 percent spring water.  To learn more about our company and our delicious water, visit our website at https://fontiswater.com/