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Keep those Water Bottles Super Clean

If you’re someone who simply can’t go a day without their trusty water bottle by their side, then you’re well aware of its indispensable role in your life. However, it’s not just about carrying around your hydration companion; it’s equally imperative to ensure that your beloved water bottle remains impeccably clean. Recent revelations have shed light on the rather unsavory reality that lurks within these seemingly innocuous vessels, urging us to take the matter of hygiene quite seriously.

The Dirty

In a recent exposé published by reputable sources such as the U.S. Sun and several other prominent news outlets, a startling discovery was unveiled. It was revealed that reusable water bottles could be, in fact, teeming with an astounding number of bacteria – a staggering 40,000 times more bacteria, to be exact, than what is typically found on an average toilet seat. These shocking findings have been meticulously documented in a study conducted by the esteemed experts at waterfilterguru.com, a U.S.-based organization. Described as akin to a “portable Petri dish,” these bottles have emerged as unsuspecting breeding grounds for various microorganisms.

Delving deeper into this unsettling revelation, esteemed molecular microbiologist Dr. Andrew Edwards from Imperial College London expounded on the matter. Dr. Edwards shared that the human mouth serves as a haven for a diverse spectrum of bacteria, naturally leading to the inevitable colonization of drinking vessels by these microbes. While this insight might raise eyebrows, it’s crucial to note that these bacteria aren’t necessarily a cause for alarm, as pointed out by Dr. Simon Clarke, a respected microbiologist from the University of Reading. According to Dr. Clarke, there’s no documented instance of someone falling ill due to their water bottle.

The study in question evaluated various types of reusable water bottles, including those equipped with spout lids, straw lids, and squeeze-top lids. Surprisingly, the squeeze-top variant emerged as the cleanest among the trio. Dr. Edwards emphasized that the contaminants found within water bottles are likely sourced from the natural bacteria already present in individuals’ mouths.

Keep them Clean

In light of these revelations, experts advocate for maintaining a stringent regimen of cleanliness for your trusty water companion. The suggested routine involves washing your reusable water bottle at least once daily using hot soapy water. Additionally, it’s recommended to take the sanitization process a step further by thoroughly disinfecting your bottle at least once a week. Notably, this advice becomes even more pertinent when you’ve recently recovered from an illness. Furthermore, if you’ve used your bottle to consume liquids other than water or if you’ve indulged in a meal while drinking from it, regular cleaning should be the norm.

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