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Lance Armstrong Should He Keep Talking or Ride Off Into the Sunset?

Lance Armstrong, every time you turn around, there is yet another news story about the fallen athlete. By his admission, we know that he beat the world of drug testing and lived for many years under a complete lie about whether or not he “juiced.” We at Fontis Water have watched this story unfold just like you. As a part of our business, we participate as a water sponsor for many sporting activities. We love the weekend athletes. We see those who train for months for their first-ever road race. We see a seasoned athlete who enjoys the challenge and families participating in activities to enjoy time together. So we, too, have had an interest in seeing how ordinary people have reacted to this professional sporting story … a story of a fallen sporting hero. Celebrities have been asked their opinion, former teammates have been asked their thoughts, and regular people like us have been asked what we think should happen to this once-renowned cyclist. It is yet another sad day in the world of professional sports, as our children have to witness another athlete betray the trust of those who loved him and the sport of cycling. It seems everyone has an opinion, and it appears as if this story may never go away. Public opinion has been varied, but at the end of the day, it appears as if most would like Mr. Armstrong to ride off into the sunset. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think should happen to Lance Armstrong going forward. Keep talking or simply ride away?