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Proud to be Georgia Grown

Fontis is Georgia Grown Have you ever noticed our Georgia Grown logo on the home page of our website? You can even spot it on our bottled water. It’s a logo and association we are proud to be a part of in Georgia. Being a Georgia-owned business, our pride runs deep. Georgia’s growers and retailers strive to bring you the very best in quality, variety, dependability, and value … all things we believe in at Fontis. This year you will see a new logo for the campaign, and the Georgia Agriculture Department is taking great strides to promote this new logo and the associated companies! “We talked with many of our top growers and sellers to develop a Georgia Grown logo that will be consumer-attractive but also user-friendly,” said Gary W. Black, Georgia Agriculture Commissioner. “Our vision is that the updated Georgia Grown imagery will be omnipresent wherever Georgia food products are being marketed.” At Fontis, we bottle our water from the mountain springs of north Georgia and deliver it straight to your home or office. So take notice of this logo and join us in supporting Georgia Grown businesses. We appreciate your business, and we at Fontis are proud to be Georgia Grown.