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Selecting a Water Delivery Service

Staying hydrated is one of the tenets of good productivity. Like a sports games, players are always making sure to get enough water on board to keep their performances at optimum level. If you want your team to perform well, good water should be the basis of your employee benefits. In order to make sure you get the best water, you need to hire a great water delivery service. How do you choose one?

Always find out where the water comes from. If the company won’t tell you or it hedges its answer, you might not want to choose them. There is no point in going with a company that is going to deliver you filtered tap water. Your water delivery service team should be as dedicated to your success as you are. That means they deliver the water you order on time and with no fuss. Professional, friendly water delivery people are a must because you never know who will be in your office when they show up. Checking references and online reviews can help you determine how the water arrives and how the people delivering it act while on the job. You may also want to ask for a trial before you commit to the service.

Of course, a great water delivery service isn’t just about delivering to businesses. It will also deliver to homes and families in the area. Choosing a local service that can provide you more than water ensures that your money helps support the local economy, which will buoy up your business in turn.

At Fontis Water, we’ve been delivering spring water for more than 15 years. Our source is deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains, so you know it’s fresh and tastes good. Our delivery people are friendly and professional. You can expect us to be on time with your water and other supplies. If you want water that will help your business keep hydrated and productive, or you want something for your home that you know is safe from industrial and agricultural runoff, we are the people to call. Contact us today and get your water delivery service started. Ask about our coffee and tea service!