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So Where Exactly is Blue Ridge?

As you know Fontis Water comes from the mountain springs of Blue Ridge, GA. But how much do you know about this small town in North Georgia? Did you know that Blue Ridge was once considered an elite health resort because of its pure mineral waters? Yes, tourists would ride the train into town, dine downtown and then enjoy a pleasant walk to the mineral springs. Today tourists can still enjoy a train ride and some of the best dining to be found in Georgia. And with Fontis Water, some of the south’s best tasting mountain spring water can be delivered straight to your home or office.

Blue Ridge was founded in 1886 as a result of the arrival of the Marietta and North Georgia Railroad. Thanks to the railroad, Blue Ridge developed as a center of business and in 1895 the county seat was moved from Morganton to Blue Ridge. At one time the town actually consisted of only five hotels and several boarding houses in downtown Blue Ridge. Now it’s the home to lovely shops, elegant dining options, and beautiful resorts and cabins.

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