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Staying Hydrated in Cold Weather

Don’t be fooled by the cool temperatures in thinking you don’t have to stay hydrated when exercising during the winter months. Staying hydrated when it’s 32 degrees is as important as staying hydrated when it’s 92 degrees. According to Active.com, your chances of dehydrating when training during the winter months actually increases. The article states, ” … the air you breathe is drier, and your lungs have to work harder to humidify that air and warm it up. The harder your body works, the more you need to drink.”

One of the tips given was to drink more water. Fontis Water is the perfect water to have on hand when exercising in the cold. Your body will lose water in several ways so it is important that you replenish what you are losing. It is also important to remember to “match your drink to the duration of your activity.”

Other great tips given by Dr. Felicia Stoler, include wearing layers, eating fruits and limiting your intake of alcohol and caffeine. The entire list in more detail can be found in the article on Active.com. Bottom line, stay hydrated and drink Fontis Water!