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The Relentless Heatwave: Staying Hydrated with Fontis Water in 2023

Unyielding and suffocating, the scorching heatwave shows no signs of retreat. A staggering third of Americans are now grappling with heat alerts, as temperature records continue to shatter. Phoenix endures a relentless 110-degree Fahrenheit streak, while Death Valley threatens to surpass its own record of 130 degrees in California this weekend.

But even moderately elevated temperatures can pose dangers. Reports of heat-related deaths and hospitalizations have emerged from Texas, Louisiana, parts of Arizona, and Florida. The true toll of a heatwave often becomes apparent only later—recent data reveals that last summer’s unprecedented European heatwave claimed the lives of over 60,000 individuals.


While retreating to air-conditioned spaces might be an ideal escape, it’s not a luxury accessible to all. Hydration emerges as a critical strategy. The significance of proper fluid intake cannot be overstated, yet it’s frequently underestimated. Recently, Texas banned water breaks for construction workers, casting a shadow on the importance of hydration. “Hydration impacts everything,” emphasized Stavros Kavouras, Director of the Hydration Science Lab at Arizona State University. As temperatures continue to climb, mastering hydration becomes imperative.

Severe dehydration can have dire consequences. Decreased blood volume strains the heart’s efficiency. “Your ability to thermoregulate declines,” explained Kavouras, leading to escalating body temperatures. Weakness, dizziness, elevated heart rates, and impaired focus might follow. Worst-case scenario: heatstroke, a life-threatening emergency where the body loses its cooling capabilities.

Hydration in a Heatwave

In extreme heat, dehydration can creep in unexpectedly. Despite the body’s water content, losing just 10 percent triggers severe clinical dehydration. Even a 1 percent loss affects functionality. Sweating and increased blood flow to the skin are key cooling mechanisms. Effective cooling demands proper hydration, while one of the body’s cooling methods—sweating—depletes hydration, making consistent maintenance crucial.

In high humidity above 90 degrees, dangers escalate—being outside becomes perilous. The hotter and more humid it is, especially with physical activity, the greater the risk. The standard US water intake is around 3.7 liters for men and 2.7 liters for women, but hotter weather demands more. Kavouras advises focusing on two things: keep water or healthy beverages nearby, and monitor urine frequency and color. Pale urine around six to seven times a day indicates good hydration, while darker urine suggests dehydration.

Certain groups, such as older adults, young children, pregnant individuals, and those on certain medications, are especially vulnerable. While no extra fluid is necessary, careful monitoring is crucial.

You Need Water

For hydration, water is supreme. Infusing it with fruit feels luxurious. Carbonated water is a good option, though you might drink less. Avoid excessive coffee and sugary drinks, instead opting for less-sugary sports drinks during heavy sweating. Food with high water content is beneficial. Alcohol, which dehydrates, should be avoided.

Timing matters—start early. Morning dehydration is common, so down around 17 ounces upon waking. Returning indoors doesn’t mean hydration stops—keep replenishing fluids.

Over-hydration is possible, but not a common concern. Sparkling water hydrates effectively. Optimal drinking water temperature is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. And remember, hydration isn’t a heatwave panacea—it won’t counter extreme conditions. Yet, as heatwaves surge, understanding your hydration needs becomes vital. Adequate water intake might not control the heat, but it empowers you to manage your well-being. In the sweltering heat, embrace a glass-half-full perspective—and keep that glass filled with Fontis Water.

Fontis Water

In a world increasingly characterized by unpredictable and intensifying heatwaves, the simple act of staying hydrated becomes an act of resilience. Fontis Water stands as a steadfast ally in this endeavor, offering not only refreshment but also a source of comfort. As the unrelenting heat tests our limits, the ability to safeguard our well-being through proper hydration is a reminder that amidst the challenges, there’s a straightforward yet powerful solution at hand. So, as the mercury continues its relentless climb, let Fontis Water be your companion in conquering the heat and staying hydrated, ensuring that your glass is never empty and your resilience remains unwavering.