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Many well known brands of bottled water are filtered municipal tap water. Fontis Water is pure, natural mountain spring water sourced from a cold, deep rock spring nestled high in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. Fontis Water’s deep rock spring is located on nearly four hundred acres of family-owned land surrounded by unspoiled National Wilderness, protecting it from contamination by industry or agriculture.

WaterWhen rain falls on the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains, it seeps through porous rock that acts as a natural filter. After its underground journey, the crystal clear water makes its way to Fontis Water’s family spring near Blue Ridge, Ga. Once there, the 55° F water is drawn from the deep rock source into stainless steel containers.

To further assure its purity, Fontis Water undergoes filtration and ozonation at the bottling facility. Ozonation is a process where ozone (O3) is bubbled through the water to eliminate any naturally occurring microorganisms that may be present, guaranteeing absolute purity. Every hour, the water is tested to ensure customers get the purest, highest quality natural mountain spring water available. The final product is bottled in 3-gallon, 5-gallon, 1-gallon and single-serving containers, and has one of the lowest total dissolved solids (TDS) measurements in the industry.

Fontis Water is delivered to homes and offices throughout metro Atlanta. The company’s mission is twofold: deliver the best, most preferred natural mountain spring water with unmatched customer service and genuine enthusiasm. After all, it’s a family tradition.