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Trick or Treat 2023! We Want Some Amazing Candy!

Trick or Treat! As Halloween’s enchanting night draws near, get ready for the delightful chaos of princesses, superheroes, ghouls, and goblins descending upon your doorstep, shouting the magical words, “Trick or Treat!” However, amidst the excitement, let’s delve into the real magic of the season—the candy. But not just any candy, we’re talking about the good stuff.

🍬 The Good Stuff

As Halloween aficionados, we know that the quality of treats matters. According to the confectionery connoisseurs at DailyMeal.com, certain candies reign supreme in the trick-or-treat hierarchy. The question is, will your treat bowl boast these Halloween favorites?

🎃 Top 5 Halloween Candy … Trick or Treat!

1. Starburst: Remember when these chewy, fruity delights used to go by the name Opal Fruit in Britain? Now, as Starburst, they’ve become a Halloween staple, with 1,705,007 pounds purchased. Fingers crossed for an abundance of pink ones! 2. Reese’s Cups: Whether in their classic mini form or transformed into pumpkin and bat shapes, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are undeniably beloved. A whopping 1,969,984 pounds are sold in anticipation of the spookiest night of the year. 3. Snickers: Nougat, caramel, peanuts, and chocolate unite to create a chewy, satisfying candy bar that leaves everyone fulfilled. With 2.2 million pounds sold, both buyers and trick-or-treaters are in for a treat this Halloween season. 4. M&Ms: Is there any Halloween candy more classic than M&M’s? Whether they’re peanut, caramel, crispy, or plain, these little chocolate buttons dominate the Halloween scene, with 2,472,032 million pounds purchased for the holiday. 5. Skittles: The crowned jewel of Halloween candies, Skittles boasts over 23 million Facebook fans, claiming the title of the most-liked and most-purchased Halloween candy. With an impressive 3,487,101 pounds sold, these fun and fruity candies reign supreme, and their popularity is no secret. In the spirit of sharing the sweetness of the Trick or Treat season, consider taking a step beyond indulging in your favorite candies. Take a moment to gather any surplus or unwanted treats and explore opportunities to donate them. Many local organizations, schools, or community centers welcome candy donations to brighten the day of those who may not have the chance to trick-or-treat. It’s a small gesture that can make a big difference in spreading joy and creating a sense of community during Halloween. Let’s make this season not only about savoring our favorite treats but also about sharing the delight with others. And everyone said Trick or Treat! And as you revel in this sweet Halloween bounty, don’t forget to cleanse your palate with the refreshing taste of Fontis Water! If your house is missing this essential treat, fear not! Just give us a call at 678-494-1981, and we’ll make sure your Halloween is complete with the magic of Fontis Water. Trick or Treat! 🎃🍬🚰 #HalloweenMagic #FontisWater #TrickOrTreatDelight
*Source DailyMeal.com