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Water Bottle Workout

Yes, you read that correctly, water bottle workout! When COVID was at its highest, many people needed a new way to workout. They began to look for alternative to dumbbells and weights. The solution? Water bottles! And of course, we recommend Fontis Water bottles!

According to MensHealth.com, you can achieve a great workout at home with two water bottles. Below is one of their suggestions for an at home water bottle workout.

Water Bottle Boxing

“A variation on classic boxing punch rotation training, for this exercise you’ll grip one makeshift weight in each hand, palm facing down. Take an athletic stance with feet just outside hips-width. Squeeze your glutes, squats, and core to create tension throughout your body.

Position your hands in front of your chest at shoulder height in guard position. Then keeping feet planted, rotate your torso and punch with one arm out at shoulder-height. Bring it back to the guard position before rotating in the other direction and punching with the opposite arm.

Ramp up the speed, and use your obliques to create power. Don’t swivel your hips to rotate. Crank out 20 total reps.

Without dropping your arms at your sides, you’ll move into another 20 reps. But this time, you’ll punch to eye-height. Repeat 20 reps at each position twice before dropping your arms.

Rest 30 seconds, and complete 9 more sets. Keep the intensity for each round, or you won’t get as much out of this workout. Remember, especially when you’re training with makeshift implements, making progress is all about effort.”

Out of water bottles? Then just give us a call at 678-494-1981 and set up your water delivery service from Fontis Water. And by the way, keep of the great work!