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Braves Stretch their Winning Streak to 10 Games

Go Braves!  Yesterday the Atlanta Braves extended their winning streak to 10 games, the season’s best winning streak to date!  It is so exciting to see this team advancing forward in the standings, and who knows?  Could this team be headed to the World Series in the fall?  We’d certainly love to see them there.

Alex Wood proved to be the star for the Atlanta Braves yesterday, allowing only one run over six innings.  He did this less than 24 hours after being told one of his best friends was in a coma due to a canoeing accident.  Wood’s great showing, combined with B.J. Upton’s two hits, helped the Braves defeat the Phillies 4-1.  Members of the team also attribute their current streak to playing relaxed.  Whatever it is, we like it and all of us at Fontis Water will be cheering the Braves on in the weeks to come.

To read more about yesterday’s game visit the Atlanta Braves website.