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Fontis Can Help You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Greener Earth

This year Americans will consume more than 31 billion liters of bottled water. Good for them, BAD for the environment. It takes 900,000 tons of plastic to make all those little throw away bottles; worse yet the greenhouse gas emitted is equivalent to 500,000+ cars!
How can you still drink bottled water, save money and help our planet?

Step 1:

Buy Fontis Water and let us deliver reusable 5 gallon bottles to your home or office.

Step 2:

Purchase nontoxic, reusable water bottles for you and your family. Aluminum or Stainless steel are good alternatives. Fill these water bottles with Fontis Water from your water cooler.

Step 3:

Encourage your friends to follow your example. The more people that switch to a more sustainable method of carrying water, the less CO2 we’ll emit into our atmosphere and the less trash we will be sending to the landfill.

Step 4:

Get serious about Conservation. Your efforts can go a long way in helping the fight against global warming.

Fontis Water uses 5 gallon bottles that are reusable. Over its life, one 5 gallon Fontis Water bottle carries enough water to fill over 2000 single use bottles you currently purchase by the case at the grocery store, club warehouse or convenient store.