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Fontis Water Filtration

Looking for a new way to get your water each day? Have you considered a water filtration system from Fontis Water? With our professionals the process is truly quite simple. Contact us today and a Fontis professional will come to your office and attach a small water line to your existing water supply. That water line will then carry water to a Fontis Water filtration system where ordinary tap water is transformed into delicious drinking water. With water filtration from Fontis the possibilities are endless; in addition to your bottle-less water cooler your filtered water can often times be connected to your coffee brewer, refrigerator or ice maker!

And at Fontis we are proud to say we use Everpure’s unique Micro-Pure® pre coat technology. Everpure is a company that has set the standard for the water filtration industry, and the major difference in their system is in the filter itself. For starters, the membrane has nearly six times the filtering surface area of carbon filters, this is comparable to packing nearly six filters into one canister.

Next, rather than using a solid carbon block to filter water, this technology’s accordion-folded filter membrane is covered on both sides with the very fine activated carbon coating, called Micro-Pure®, and this combination offers consistent performance. With the exclusive precoat filtration, off-taste, odors and particles as small as one half-micron in size – including lead and asbestos – are removed, making your drinking water as clean and healthy as possible; in short, we’re removing contaminants better than other filters in the industry.

Sound like something you may be interested in at your home or office? Call us today and let one of our professionals get you going with a water filtration system this week! Call us at 678-494-1981 for more information.